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Why Invest With Us: 4 Reasons Below

Access to Dealflow

Nick Huber receives thousands of pitches each year to invest in potential deals. These deals range from opportunities in commercial real estate to profitable businesses to new startup investment opportunities. If you are an accredited investor and want to be considered for these deals, please fill out the form above.

Minority or Majority Investment Participation

Through Nick’s network, you have the opportunity to be involved in minority or majority investments in a wide variety of deals. The minimum check-size to participate is often $25K USD. Some investment opportunities are for equity and others are for profit or revenue sharing, depending on the deal.

Commercial Real Estate

Nick Huber has raised more than $40M from investors to acquire 1.9M square feet of self-storage across 62 properties in 11 states. Nick’s real-estate private equity firm, Bolt Storage, sees and underwrites thousands of self-storage deals each year. They are also actively looking at other opportunities in commercial real estate such as industrial storage. If you would like to participate in Nick’s real-estate deals, please fill out this form: www.boltinvestments.com

Join The Network

An investment with us is a long-term partnership to continue sharing deals. As a co-investor and partner in our portfolio, we will continue to do everything we can to provide value and access to more opportunities over time. Our goal is to find more long-term, like-minded, capital partners for our growing universe of deals.