Nick Huber Portrait

Hi, I’m Nick Huber, a serial entrepreneur, investor, and creator focused on real estate and small business. 

Read a bit about my story below.

I was born in Leopold Indiana and went to school at Cornell where I ran track and founded my first company, Storage Squad. 

My partner Dan Hagberg and I grew that business to 25 major college towns before we sold the business in early 2021. 
While we were running the service business, we also built our first storage facility in Ithaca NY from the ground up and opened it for business back in 2017.
After selling the company, I then turned my full-time attention to real estate private equity and self storage operations and we began to grow quickly.
My partner Dan and I now own 1.9M square feet of self storage across 63 locations in 11 states. 
There is no mark to market in real-estate but my portfolio is worth roughly $150-200M. 
I also create content and have built an incredible community of like minded entrepreneurs, investors, and operators online. 
My tweets routinely garner 30-40M impressions per month. 
I write a weekly email that is sent to 100,000+ people. 
I also host 2 podcasts and have recorded over 300 episodes. 
Over the last few years, I’ve started a number of other growing businesses.

  • RE Cost Seg for real-estate cost segregation and depreciation studies. 
  • Titan Risk which offers property and casualty insurance for commercial real-estate portfolios.
  • Support Shepard which helps businesses hire overseas talent for 80-90% less than US rates. 
  • Recruit Jet which helps growing businesses hire 10X talent. 
  • WebRun Labs which provides website design and development services. 
  • BoldSEO which provides SEO services. 
  • TaxCreditHunter which helps small businesses optimize their taxes. 
  • AdRhino which does PPC and paid social ads.
  • Spidexx which is an advanced pest control business.
  • & My business brokerage that I started with my dad Tim to help interested buyers and sellers in my network do meaningful transactions.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. 

Onward and upward. 


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